WoCo Baseball League:  Grand Totals

Season 21 Playoffs
-the future.
Season 21
-season in progress...
Season 20 Playoffs
-Jorge Posada (HTX) edged out C.C. Sabathia (POP) for a World Series Crown after 7 incredible games.
Season 20
-Texans Wandy Rodriguez and Alex Rodriguez lead the team to its 7th Regular Season Championship.
Season 19 Playoffs
-It took seven games for Thome and the underdog Knights to overcome MVP Jake Peavy and the Tornadoes.
Season 19 -John Lackey earned MVP and Cy Young honors for leading the Texans to a Co-Championship with the pitching-dominant Slingshots.
Season 18 Playoffs -The Mojo surged on the back of Ben Sheets, despite Pujols' and Chris Sampson's impressive efforts for Charlotte.
Season 18
-Albert Pujols (CHK) had a monstrous season to win Gold Glove and MVP for the Knights, while B.J. Ryan (DOT) won Cy Young.
Season 17 Playoffs
-Bill Hall led the Texans to a decisive Championship despite Scott Olsen and the Pixystix amazing run through the playoffs.
Season 17
-The Knights dominated (118 wins) behind Cy Young Dan Haren, while David Ortiz (DOT) barely beat out Pujols for MVP.
Season 16 Playoffs -Zambrano led the two-time champion Tornadoes past the Joboos in an all-North World Series.
Season 16 -Carpenter (DEM) and A-Rod (HTX) won top honors, but it was the Dover Tornadoes who won the Regular Season Crown.
Season 15 Playoffs -A-Rod and Turnbow lead the Texans past the Knights to a record 5th WoCo Crown.
Season 15 -Derrick Turnbow (HTX) and Derrek Lee (WFY) took home hardware as the Texans and Fury each won 107.
Season 14 Playoffs -Barry Bonds and Curt Schilling (DEM) bottled the Tornadoes in 5, despite Jake Peavy's (DOT) 18 IP and 0 ER.
Season 14 -Carlos Zambrano led Dover to a record 123 wins, just better than Lance Berkman and Detroit's 119 wins.
Season 13 Playoffs -Hideki Matsui carried the Dingos, but Kerry Wood won two WS games for the Champion Knights.
Season 13 -Johan Santana (FHJ) earned MVP and Cy, edging out the Mojo's trio of Bonds, Helton, and Schilling.
Season 12 Playoffs
-Jason Schmidt (FVD) (43 Ks, 0 walks) led FVD to 9 straight wins and past the Fury in 7.
Season 12 -Albert Pujols (FVD) was MVP, but Gaylord Perry (DEM) was 27-4 as the Mojo won 117 contests.
Season 11 Playoffs -Carl Everett led the Texans in 5, but Kerry Wood's (CHK) performance was memorable.
Season 11
-Pavano (UTC) perfect game, Delgado (SLR) 170 RBIs, A-Rod (HTX) MVP, and K-Wood Cy (CHK)

Season 10 Playoffs -Rafael Palmeiro & the Gladiators cut through the armor of Wade Miller & the Knights in 7.

Season 10 -Eddie Collins (136 SBs) led Gladiators to 106 wins; A-Rod (HTX) & Randy (WSD) were league's best.

Season 9 Playoffs -3 extra inning World Series games as the Texans stampeded the Gladiators in six.

Season 9 -Derek Lowe (WJG), 24-3, led his team to a record 3.31 ERA and A-Rod (HTX) won his 2nd MVP.

Season 8 Playoffs -Dover overcomes Randy Johnson (73 playoff Ks) and the Deacons to win in seven.

Season 8 -Knights roll to 108 wins as Barry Bonds (77 HRs) and Chan Ho Park (24 wins) repeat as MVP, Cy Young.

Season 7 Playoffs -Brandon Duckworth led the 8th seeded Fury to victory over the Texans in seven.

Season 7 -Knights win 103 and allow only 626 runs to score while Barry Bonds (FUS) sends 74 over the fence.

Season 6 Playoffs -#5 seed Uniontown wins in 7 over the Gladiators, while Jon Lieber (WFY) wins MVP.

Season 6 -Deacons win 109 games, 13 in a row, while MVP, Cy Young again go to Todd Helton, Pedro Martinez.

Season 5 Playoffs -Texans defeat the Deacons 4-1, despite Pedro Martinez (WSD) wining MVP.

Season 5 -Bubbas beat the Bulldogs 1-0 in a never-ending 21 inning game. The Islanders commit only 73 errors.

Season 4 Playoffs -Expansion Flash, with David Wells, come back from 0-3 to beat the Bulldogs in seven.

Season 4 -Expansion Kirtland wins 93, McGwire (MOP) 68 HRs, Randy (WSD) 364 Ks, Vladimir (NBD) 166 RBIs.

Season 3 Playoffs -Texans (outscored by 11) squeak by Randy Johnson and Bobby Abreu of the Deacons in 7.

Season 3 -Biggio (FUS) 67 doubles, Pedro (MSB) 7 shutouts, Sosa (TPH) has 1st 9 RBI game, McGwire (MOP) MVP.

Season 2 Playoffs -BBAs, after an 80-82 regular season, upset the Bulldogs 4-1 behind J.D.Drew's hot bat.

Season 2 -Juan Gonzalez (MOP) edges out McGwire (MOP) in tight MVP race. Clemens (TPH) takes Cy Young.

Season 1 and Playoffs -WoCo Baseball is born with 6 teams taking the field. BBAs pitching, led by Clemens,

                                                    dominates the Texans hitting to win the first ever WoCo World Series 4-2.