WoCo Baseball League Information


Who runs the league and website?

My name is Darren. I am a huge baseball fan and hope to own my own MLB team some day. This league provides an excellent opportunity to practice for such an endeavor. I am happily married and a graduate of the University of Texas School of Law (and before that, Wofford College). During and after law school, I kicked for seven years in various arena football leagues. I now own/manage several businesses, including indoor sports facilities, real estate investment companies, and a sports bar. My first child was born November 2010. Some of my most memorable vacations have included visits to [as named at time of visit] Arlington Stadium, the Ballpark in Arlington/Ameriquest Field, the Astrodome, Enron Field/Minute Maid Park, new Comiskey Park, Dodger Stadium, Edison International Field of Anaheim, Fenway Park, Fulton County Stadium, Turner Field, Busch Stadium, Qualcomm Stadium, Safeco Field, Camden Yards, and Wrigley Field.


What is unique about WoCo Baseball?

This league allows the participants to be the owner and general manager of their own MLB team. Our league was started with 6 teams. We currently have 24 owners who encompass all of the United States and Canada. The owners range from 21 to over 50 years old. We communicate via IM, e-mail, and an occasional phone call or text. You get to assemble your team through a fairly realistic expansion draft. The ultra-realistic computer program we use to simulate games is Strat-O-Matic. Building a dynasty begins with naming your team and selecting your home stadium. After you create your team through the draft, tailor-made to your specifications, you are in complete control. From your pitching rotation to your batting order, you make all the crucial decisions that can land your team atop the standings or deep in the cellar. You will be offered trades that can lead to short term or long term success. Unlike "fantasy" baseball, no points are added up. Our teams actually play baseball games against each other.


When are the seasons played?

Each season spans 5 months. We play one season in the summer-fall (July-Nov) and one in the winter-spring (Jan-May).


How much does it cost?

Everybody chips in money to pay for the expenses of the league. The expansion/setup fee is $200 (which covers the first two seasons), while returning team dues are $10 per season. Most owners do not own the Strat-O-Matic program, as purchasing it is not required.


How much time will this require?

If you are worried about the time constraints, no need to be. I do put tons of time into the league, but many owners do not. WoCo is like a fantasy league on steroids. The owners who put the most time into the league, do it because they want to, not because they have to. The decision is yours. However, the most important draft you will ever prepare for is your first one. The preparation necessary to build the foundation for a great team does require quite a bit of scouting, so be prepared to put in many hours preparing for your first draft.


Will I have to manage every game of the season?

No. Similar to hiring a field manager, you fill out a short, but comprehensive manager profile that allows you to influence the on-field decisions of each game, so you don’t have to micromanage all 162 games.


Has there always been a web site for the league?

After much thought and planning, www.geocities.com/WoCoBaseball was created on August 18, 2001 in time for the start of Season 6. Through June 1, 2004, the original site collected 39,576 hits. With our first sponsorship, thanks in part to a revamped web site, we moved the page to www.WoCoBaseball.com on June 1, 2004, prior to Season 12 Spring Training. New stats are uploaded to the web site each week.


I want in.  What do I do?

If you want to field a team, I will need your confirmation and dues. AOL Instant Messenger is free and will be necessary for communication. If you thrive off of competition and know the game of baseball, you'll have a blast. The experience can’t be rivaled by a fantasy league or even other simulation leagues. The thrill of owning your own team is brought to life in the most realistic manner on the face of the earth. If you have any questions, just let me know. E-mail me at WoCoBaseball@hotmail.com.


How is WoCo different from Fantasy baseball?
Fantasy baseball is a competitive game, but it's missing something. Sure, it's challenging to battle your leaguemates for rotisserie glory by accumulating the most saves, homers, etc. But does it really feel like running a true major league squad? You're not really "managing" a team at all - you're pulling players' stats from their real-life performances. You have no say in where your players bat in their lineups or how they're used.

Fantasy baseball just is not a true representation of big-league baseball. There are too many aspects missing. For instance, where's the value on defense in fantasy baseball? Most leagues don't even reflect it - a 20-homer behemoth with an iron glove is worth as much or more than a steady Gold Glove shortstop. Then there's the inflated value of the stolen base statistic that is so prevalent in category leagues.

WoCo has no such drawbacks. In WoCo, you will lead your team through a complete 162-game schedule - and possibly into the playoffs. Every game is simulated by the award-winning Strat-O-Matic proprietary gaming engine - the most statistically accurate baseball game this side of the big leagues.

As a WoCo GM, you'll need to make the same tough decisions that well-known big-league GMs like make over the course of a season. What's the best batting order for your squad? Who should be in your starting rotation? How aggressive should you be on the basepaths? Just like in the big leagues, WoCo features an exciting pennant race based on actual wins in head-to-head competition, rather than on "category points" as in fantasy baseball. Every week, you'll see the updated standings (and statistics) online, just as you would see them in your local paper.

Unlike fantasy baseball, every aspect of a player's ability is accounted for in WoCo. Good defense is critical, especially up the middle. There are realistic ratings in such key aspects as bunting, the ability to make contact on a hit & run and on-base running speed. Is a hitter patient at the plate and able to get on base? In WoCo, everything matters. And that adds up to a far more realistic game.



Is there an efficient way to track our WoCo players' MLB stats as the MLB season progresses?

Yes. We recently added an incredible feature on everyone's team pages that displays every player and their current MLB stats.


Here is some feedback from various owners:


“I am definitely enjoying this! Just thankful I saw your note and got in the league.” “This is much more fun than regular fantasy baseball and is very rewarding.”



“It is so much fun and the whole thing is well organized.”



“The idea of the league is awesome and you are doing a fabulous job at making the league a lot of fun.”

-Mike E.


“I can honestly say that I enjoy every part of the league…”



“You have done an excellent job in organizing the league and making sure everything is working smoothly.”



“You could raise the price of this league and it would still be a deal.  You're doing a great job.”



“I am really enjoying the league and you are doing a great job of running it!  Thank You!”



“Thanks for running the league this year. It was a lot of fun. I am amazed at all of the stats you give us on the players. I didn't think this thing was going to be that detailed. I'm looking forward to next year, hoping to lead my team into the playoffs. At least I had the Cy Young winner this year. Thanks again for running it. Your hard work is appreciated. “

-Mike M.


“I loved all the stats even though my team was sorry.  I thought it was very well run, and I look forward to competing next season.”


"I love going to the website and checking out all the stats... You run a great league."